Monday, 27 April 2009

back to reality

I have just spent three amazing, diverse and crazy weeks flitting about spain and paris.

the first week was spent conquering calpe (south spain) with 18 other 18/19 year olds in a villa near the beach
the second was spent frolicking around alone in barcelona and valencia where i met some amazing people from all over (but mainly australians...hmm) and then to ibiza for a couple of days
last, but certainly not least, was Paris with my sister.

I was without camera for the whole trip, so managed to get by with a trusty disposable and nicking peoples photos off facebook.

To start with, here are some random, stolen photos of Calpe. I will try and scrounge up some other photos of the rest of the trip and get my disposable cameras developed. OOO how exciting.

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