Friday, 30 January 2009


Man, she's so cool. She makes me want to pierce my nose so badly.
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Thursday, 29 January 2009


Why the long face? I want to take you home.



Our digibox didn't work because of poor reception. Yes, even after making a home-made ariel out of a cardboard box, a wine bottle and a craftily shaped coat-hanger. So, no skins tonight for me. Thankgod for sidereel.

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5pm. Finished work.
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Skins. Oh, skins. Where would we be without you? Watching the gang on skins reminds me of the hirst4 gang. (hirst4 is one of, and undoubtedly the best of, the three year12 boarding houses at my old school) We had a pink bathroom, a smoking balcony, an oven that worked sporadically, a lawn to frolick about on, and a soon-to-be-nun housemistress (cruelly referred to as fatnat) who was pretty much the antithesis of everything you would expect a nun to be. She let us run amuck and brought us Macdonalds religiously....No pun intended. Our weeks revolved around the sacred Monday nights when we would huddle around our shoebox-sized tv and wait anxiously for skins to start. You could have called it an obsession. I miss the old gang. I'm yet to be wowed by the new series, and I don't find any of the characters that endearing. It is still early days though. I guess we will just have to wait and see if skins series3 lives up to its predecessors.
10pm, tonight. I know what I will be doing.


We bought a goonsack the other day for £5. No one around here was familiar with the term 'goonsack' until us cheap, nasty Australians gave them a lesson on...well, cheap nasty wine. The alcohol over here is insanely cheap. Wicked, innit? I love the leopard print shorts in the second photo, reowww.


I really need a new hair cut. I want a fringe similiar to the babe's on the left. It has been a year and a month since I had my hair cut last. Hey there split ends.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009


We booked our plane tickets to Ireland today. I am kind of REALLY excited. Only drawback is we leave on Valentine's day. I may have to propose a breakfast to my little Olivia instead of a romantic, candelight dinner. I also can't wait to see the said Olivia, who is coming to London on the 10th February. Man, February is going to be a good month.


Glastonbury festival. Now. Please.


Tuesday, 27 January 2009


The only thing I can splash around in is puddles. Oh, how i miss the night swims.

Leopard-skin pill-box hat

I beg to differ, Bob Dylan.

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Hello, I love you

London is the coolest city in the world. Last weekend (apologies for being so behind on the posts) me, George, Nina, Luce and Gina stayed in a hostel on Great Portland Street. On Saturday, G and I went for a romantic stroll through Regent Park and took loads of touristy photos before meeting Nina to go shopping on Oxford St. Topshop. Wow. I picked up a black lace dress and the Allegra heels that I have been drooling over online for a couple of months now. On saturday night we went out to the walkabout, then left to go somewhere else and ended up dancing on the street to a man drumming on his buckets. We made him some extra pennies, and ourselves some new friends with strangers walking by. Win-win. Sunday we went to Primark; so cheap, so good. Oh London, will you marry me?


p.s not really sure who is on the recieving end of that finger. oops.

Monday, 26 January 2009


I have finally found my calling: Sitting in an office all day, alternating between The Hills and the Fashion Channel, lurking facebook&blogs, taking extended lunch breaks, working with and for exceptionally nice people, day dreaming about this weekends adventures....oh, and doing the odd photocopying/stapling/mailing job. I almost feel as if I am cheating the system. Almost.

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So this is my first post ever. I refrained from starting a blog until I finished school. Following them was more than enough distraction, and i didn't want to bore you with the mundane stories of a boarding school blogger in the middle of exams. My name is Madeleine. I moved to England 3 weeks ago. I have fallen madly in love with the foggy streets of London, despite missing out on the Australian summer.


Alice Dellal
Unicorns & Magical beaches

Waking up too early
Lack of $$$

Friends & Family
Rolling around in a double bed


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