Thursday, 29 January 2009


Skins. Oh, skins. Where would we be without you? Watching the gang on skins reminds me of the hirst4 gang. (hirst4 is one of, and undoubtedly the best of, the three year12 boarding houses at my old school) We had a pink bathroom, a smoking balcony, an oven that worked sporadically, a lawn to frolick about on, and a soon-to-be-nun housemistress (cruelly referred to as fatnat) who was pretty much the antithesis of everything you would expect a nun to be. She let us run amuck and brought us Macdonalds religiously....No pun intended. Our weeks revolved around the sacred Monday nights when we would huddle around our shoebox-sized tv and wait anxiously for skins to start. You could have called it an obsession. I miss the old gang. I'm yet to be wowed by the new series, and I don't find any of the characters that endearing. It is still early days though. I guess we will just have to wait and see if skins series3 lives up to its predecessors.
10pm, tonight. I know what I will be doing.

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