Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Hello, I love you

London is the coolest city in the world. Last weekend (apologies for being so behind on the posts) me, George, Nina, Luce and Gina stayed in a hostel on Great Portland Street. On Saturday, G and I went for a romantic stroll through Regent Park and took loads of touristy photos before meeting Nina to go shopping on Oxford St. Topshop. Wow. I picked up a black lace dress and the Allegra heels that I have been drooling over online for a couple of months now. On saturday night we went out to the walkabout, then left to go somewhere else and ended up dancing on the street to a man drumming on his buckets. We made him some extra pennies, and ourselves some new friends with strangers walking by. Win-win. Sunday we went to Primark; so cheap, so good. Oh London, will you marry me?


p.s not really sure who is on the recieving end of that finger. oops.

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