Tuesday, 31 March 2009

kate moss for topshop

spring 09
wouldn't want to be outside topshop on april 2nd.


three things:

1) fur/leather combination, what do you think? I just bought a hideously beautiful leather/fur coat for £20 at a charity store. The sleeves are pleather, and the rest a white/grey fur...mmm

2) I can't wait for Paris with my own sister.

3) I love these shoes. I need a pair.

A complete turn around from the previous few summer posts. That is one thing I love about being over here in England, the frequent alternation between warm/cold weather when travelling about Europe. Being able to wear fur/stockings/boots one week, and then floral dresses and cropped tee's the next.
src: the satorialist


Runaround by KT Auleta from COACD on Vimeo.

wowow so excited to watch this short film by fashion photographer KT Auleta .


counting down the days..

I now own 1/2 the items above. stripey swimmers, straw sun hat, white heels. The cost of the hat was a bit obscene, and it is highly probable that one could find similiar in a charity store, but my pale pale skin won't be able to handle even the slightest sun kiss and i leave for Spain this week, hence the desperation to find a summer hat.



we are young, we run free

Ahh, lovelylovely. Can't wait for the sun

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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Black lipstick is the new...black?

I had a dream that the token 'goth' at my old old school beat me up for wearing docs. Black lipstick; I'm pretty sure she copy-righted that shit. I wonder how she feels about YSL, Alice Dellal, Tallulah, Rachael Mcadams, Lily Allen, Daisy Lowe etc stealing her trademark thang? I personally think black lipstick looks insane. I stumbled upon this picture of black lipstick in a 'real life' situation. It's a little lighter than the black lipstick in YSL's fall show, and therefore more wearable. Yet to try it out, and wondering if it is best left to the die hard slipknot fans and runway models.


Thursday, 26 March 2009


Sold on this wannabe wang bag. Not too sure about the zipper though...and I don't think they ship outside of Australia either. Bummer

Butterfly bare essentials on ebayyy


Hi Hi
If anyone knows how to change the blog layout, so that followers/profile etc can be shown on either the right or left hand side instead of down the bottom, can you please tell me. I am incredibly inept when it comes to fiddling about on computers and I changed the layout without really thinking and now can't get it back to how it was before.
Thanks xxx

ohh, and for a little youtube distraction, the MK-

The song is 'Their Cell', by Girl in a Coma. I think it really suits her. As always, she is stunning and effortlessly cool. The kind of person you'd want to hang around. I really need to get my act together and watch the wackness, the trailer looks awesome.

feather head band


Nothing really matters 'cause we're young


Nicole Trunfio

Jalouse french magazine.


New favourite blog

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


While I have been chowing down the harry potter series like a nose-picking, do-gooder 12 year old girl, my fellow gappie George has been tangled up in a similiar one-sided, obsessive relationship with twilight. Or more notably, Edward Cullen. Ahh, to be Kristen Stewart and playing Edwards lover. I love her dress and the whole backless look in general, varyyy niice.
On the subject of favourite fantasy tween novels and girl jealousy- one of my friends babysat for a kid whose dad works in warner bros. She ended up going to the set of the 7th Harry Potter, watched parts of it being filmed, met and had lunch with the crew (minus Ron, which really is a shame. He is such a babe) and saw all the important Harry Potter stuff (gryffindor common room, Dumbledore's office, Diagon Alley, all the animals, the Great Hall etc.)
The snotty little 7 year old inside of me had a mental breakdown when I heard the news....
I die.

Monday, 23 March 2009


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Bye bye blues

I want these lovely shoesss
good ol' h&m

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Friday, 13 March 2009


1) I wish i didn't lose my bowlers hat. Somewhere in London there is one lucky mofo frolicking about wearing a fairly brand new mimco hat. It kind of dulls the pain to know that someone else scored so majorly. Maybe karma will return the favour. Whats that, a pair of abandoned Sam Edelman boots chilling on the park bench?
2) This girl has amazing clothes. White, black, denim. Lovely. Those jeans are wonderful. I have a similiar pair, however they are grey and i think i may have been slightly delusional when i bought them as they are preeeettttyyyy damn tight. And by tight i mean: lie on the bed, think skinny and hope for the best.
3) Her Givenchy rip-offs are delightful. They would make a nice addition to my rapidly increasing shoe collection (i have major problems) My bank account has been, as Jayo from http://expensivesunday.blogspot.com/ so eloquently put it, 'kicked in the dick' thanks to the said shoe collection. I would see a counscellor if it didn't cost so much...
4) I must MUST have that necklace. I would attempt a diy, but I am diy challenged. So i will instead wait for a cheap chain store to make one (how i miss you diva&sportsgirl)
5) I love her fringe. If I ever grow some balls, I will attempt to rock similiarly bangin' bangs.
Finished work for the next 50 or so hours. woo
image source: lookbook


In need of a cute floral dress. This one is pretty much close to perfection
source: tfs, via knighttcat

Monday, 9 March 2009


Cool new magazine. Free. Score.
Provided both new material for the wall as well as a much more interesting alternative to staring out the window on the train.
I am slightly in love with Alice's new hair.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Lauren-amazing outfit.

Kathleen-amazing looking.

Port Macquarie (hometown) represent!
This is the second time I have spotted these two beauties on la cobrasnake and felt incredibly jealous. I have always loved the clothes these girls rock, and I guess it kind of helps that they both look like models. A friend and I made friends with Lauren at an in-the-middle-of-nowhere party, bonded over skins and cigarettes and a common hate for the wasted, skanky girls stumbling around half naked. It is nice to know that in amidst the sea of trashy port girls who are still convinced that Supre is a gift from the gods-well dressed, intelligent and cool girls do exist.
image source: myspace, cobrasnake


The heel. Enough said.


These photos are so cute and carefree. I can't wait for real sun.
source: Sophomore, lookbook spring 09

Monday, 2 March 2009

nose ring

Bad quality photo, but here it is. 10pounds, one gun, one dodgy side alley piercer, one broken hand (not mine. Olivia's. My pain was her pain), one single threatening tear, one giant gold earring and a string of muttered swearwords later and it is official: I finally had the balls to pierce my nose. On the lookout for a better jewel to put in it. I am thinking a silver ring. yeah?
going to fall asleep to kol. Nighty, night.


I want to be a vampire. Or at the very least own the pale blue sunnies in the top right hand corner.


waddababe. She reminds me so much of my mum back in the day. I love, love, love this outfit. Her hair. Her pale skin. Everything.
source: tfs, via http://imilk.blogg.se/


The beautiful Lara Stone.
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s/s 09

cool people