Tuesday, 31 March 2009


three things:

1) fur/leather combination, what do you think? I just bought a hideously beautiful leather/fur coat for £20 at a charity store. The sleeves are pleather, and the rest a white/grey fur...mmm

2) I can't wait for Paris with my own sister.

3) I love these shoes. I need a pair.

A complete turn around from the previous few summer posts. That is one thing I love about being over here in England, the frequent alternation between warm/cold weather when travelling about Europe. Being able to wear fur/stockings/boots one week, and then floral dresses and cropped tee's the next.
src: the satorialist

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susie miller said...

i love this bottom outfit, the jumper is ace, with the cut outs and the white sneaking through. an a lover of leather wit fur...although real fur freaks me out!

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