Saturday, 28 March 2009

Black lipstick is the

I had a dream that the token 'goth' at my old old school beat me up for wearing docs. Black lipstick; I'm pretty sure she copy-righted that shit. I wonder how she feels about YSL, Alice Dellal, Tallulah, Rachael Mcadams, Lily Allen, Daisy Lowe etc stealing her trademark thang? I personally think black lipstick looks insane. I stumbled upon this picture of black lipstick in a 'real life' situation. It's a little lighter than the black lipstick in YSL's fall show, and therefore more wearable. Yet to try it out, and wondering if it is best left to the die hard slipknot fans and runway models.


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Emma said...

i want to tryyyy, i just don't know how game i am

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