Friday, 13 March 2009


1) I wish i didn't lose my bowlers hat. Somewhere in London there is one lucky mofo frolicking about wearing a fairly brand new mimco hat. It kind of dulls the pain to know that someone else scored so majorly. Maybe karma will return the favour. Whats that, a pair of abandoned Sam Edelman boots chilling on the park bench?
2) This girl has amazing clothes. White, black, denim. Lovely. Those jeans are wonderful. I have a similiar pair, however they are grey and i think i may have been slightly delusional when i bought them as they are preeeettttyyyy damn tight. And by tight i mean: lie on the bed, think skinny and hope for the best.
3) Her Givenchy rip-offs are delightful. They would make a nice addition to my rapidly increasing shoe collection (i have major problems) My bank account has been, as Jayo from so eloquently put it, 'kicked in the dick' thanks to the said shoe collection. I would see a counscellor if it didn't cost so much...
4) I must MUST have that necklace. I would attempt a diy, but I am diy challenged. So i will instead wait for a cheap chain store to make one (how i miss you diva&sportsgirl)
5) I love her fringe. If I ever grow some balls, I will attempt to rock similiarly bangin' bangs.
Finished work for the next 50 or so hours. woo
image source: lookbook

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Stephanie said...

Her jeans are beautiful..i just bought some infact!!

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