Thursday, 26 March 2009


Hi Hi
If anyone knows how to change the blog layout, so that followers/profile etc can be shown on either the right or left hand side instead of down the bottom, can you please tell me. I am incredibly inept when it comes to fiddling about on computers and I changed the layout without really thinking and now can't get it back to how it was before.
Thanks xxx

ohh, and for a little youtube distraction, the MK-

The song is 'Their Cell', by Girl in a Coma. I think it really suits her. As always, she is stunning and effortlessly cool. The kind of person you'd want to hang around. I really need to get my act together and watch the wackness, the trailer looks awesome.

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Emma said...

oh my fuck the wackness is SO good.
like my wow. watch itttt
mk is lovely in it, but i wish she was in it more!

cool people