Tuesday, 6 April 2010

hats off to sydney

Apologies, I have been MIA for quite some time. Life post-england has been one giant cocktail of goon, cigarettes, late nights, coffee, girl gangs and sweet procrastination. Instead of twiddling my thumbs, watching endless amounts of tv and cleaning the kitchen 10 times a day to avoid uni work, I may as well focus my energy on this sub-standard little bloggy. I'll start with my favourite (and dare I say, hottest) blogger alexandra spencer. This photo is ridiculous. I saw the hat in sportsgirl and um'd and ahhh'd for a bit, before walking out empty handed. Definitely going back to get it. I know it wont magically transform me into a leggy, blonde supermodel type, but heyyy i can pretend yeah?

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anna.and.elk said...

happy you're back to blogging x

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