Thursday, 11 June 2009


feeling oddly inspired/happy

may be the weather. summer summer summmmmmer
the perfect view from my window
the big white windows
the dodgy vibe of my room (shit old couches, nice balance between freakishly-no-one-lives here neat and is-this-a-centre-for-ants-clean-up-your-mo'fo-shit mess, posters/random crap that i finally stuck on my wall)
linking my way through a string of sweet ass new blogs
the fact that it is 9:58pm and still light as day
re-reading russh. still as delightful the 100th time 'round

who knows? even the dirty above-the-library-ghetto where i live doesn't look so bad under this light
went so far as to crack open the free bottle of vino we got today (not a cheap wine snob, but fme that was 'orrible)
out of character for us mon-fri homebodies
despite the 'lets go fucking mental' attitude adapted on weekends/holidays, the rest of our time is spent practising for our bingo-playing retirement days

apologies for the ramble

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