Friday, 26 June 2009

pick apart, the pieces of your heart

went shopping on oxford st today.
started our expedition at primark (shudder) and spent loads on essentials...and other cheap non-essentials, favourite being a hotpink one-shouldered dress. it's so godamn cheap, but fucking hectic trying to weave in and out of crazed shoppers and their overflowing primark bags. again. shudder.
landed in topshop. after trying on a few dresses (summer ball) i ended up opting for a light pink, creamish dress. simple, feminine, flowing (so good at explaining things) strayed away from my usual formal get-up of all black. i am in lurrrrve with it, albeit being perhaps a little on the short side and see through. ehh. it was a little too feminine on its own so i bought a fuck off skull ring to even it out.
so tired
ohh the lovely lady above is rosie hutington-whiteley. and suprise, suprise she is apart of the freakishly gorgeous, long legged, victoria's secret model crew. tough life

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