Sunday, 1 February 2009


I think I just fell in love..twice. The one with the cool rings and the John Travolta do'? Or the one that looks like a less drug-fucked Pete Doherty? Either way, there is no denying that these boys are absolutely beautiful.
source: heidi slimane


B B said...
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B B said...

your blog is making me miss you more. wah, i want you back. i forgot to mention that im starting a classic book collection that you may enjoy. im guessing youve read this months russh cover to cover, much like myself, well the article on classics inspiring fashion, i jotted them down and now searching every second hand book store and garage sale for any of them. so if you could keep your eyes peeled in merry olde england that would be grand.
just got back from the beach, savouring the last month of summer, but cant wait for winter.
hows life lovey?

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